Roll Up Your Sleeves- Meg Mac

Today, I broke two personal rules.

No, I'm not going to tell you what they are.

No, I didn't hurt myself or anyone else.

I just had a moment of clarity and freedom.

Kind of like the story of Peter and Cornelius in the Bible.

Peter was convinced of what he should and shouldn't do, what he could and couldn't eat, until a vision changed everything.

In a moment, one of Peter's strongest religious convictions was destroyed and it didn't destroy his faith, it just made it new. Stronger, bolder, freer. As Christ intended it.

That's how I feel today. 

Stronger. Bolder. Freer. As Christ intended me to be.

There are things that are essential to believe, to live in, to adhere to.

Then there are other things, things that grace covers and makes beautiful.