There, I said it.

This morning I sat at my dining table and said it.
The thing I've been avoiding saying for months now.
The thing that I said to my mom when I wrote my first song about LOTR.
The thing that I thought as a kid listening to Genesis and Michael Jackson and Conway Twitty.
The thing that a lot of you have been suspicious of as my page fills with posts about new songs and shows.

The thing that I didn't want to say because I am so cripplingly afraid of failure and making people unhappy that it didn't seem worth the risk.

The thing that I would spend the rest of my life wondering about if I didn't try it.

I'm going to pursue music. Full time.

This could prove to be embarrassing, or it could prove to be amazing.  It'll probably be both.

However, no matter how long this lasts, I know that fear has lost this battle and that makes it all worth it.